Hajduk Ljubo Pavasovic Visković, the president of the football club's board, said on Sunday evening that he was expecting the highest possible punishment of the Croatian Football Association (HNS) for the incident in which he participated after the match of Hajduk-Dinamo played in Poljud in July this year when verbally insulted judge Bruno Maric because he was dissatisfied with his trial in that match.

It is perfectly clear that I will be punished with the most severe punishment that HNS can impose on someone, which is two years of prohibition in football, "Pavasovic said, adding.
"Is this because of the election, whether they wait for me to expire a year-long sentence I already have because of the non-derby derby Dinamo-Hajduk on Maksimir - that's another question. There is a theory that could punish me more severely after this sentence expires. "
Commenting on his incident following the derby of Hajduk-Dinamo on Poljud, Pavasovic again denied the information that he was threatening the death of Judge Marić on that occasion, saying that such information "is a very perfidious and sublime setting that has no foundation in the truth."
"I was cursed by a judge, and I absolutely moved him to deliberately do what he did, and that was the result of many interpretations of the non-existent dinamo for Dinamo in the last minute of the game, and I have followed those adjectives that usually do such behavior." Pavasovic admitted that his behavior was not worthy of the position of the president of the Hajduk Supervisory Board, but he asked for an understanding because he said it was difficult "in that situation" after the game to stay clean.
"Given that I was the president of the Hajduk Supervisory Board, it was not appropriate for me to address Mr. Marić in the way I did it. However, I think everybody who lives in Split and who follows Hajduk can well understand the reasons why I lost my nerves, "Pavasovic said. (Hina)