Representatives of Frontex, European Border Agency, will be deployed at the border between Croatia and Serbia, which is one of the points of agreement from the meeting in Brussels dedicated to the West Balkan migrant route.

"At the border between Croatia and Serbia, Frontex, the European foreign guards, should be reached, which in theory should slow down the flow and entry of people for a more rigorous procedure, of course, provided that all of this works from Greece through Macedonia to Serbia. If so, it will be fine, and if not, we control the situation as this story finishes, our citizens live a normal and regular life. It would be a good thing to do this as soon as possible, primarily because of Turkey and Germany, "Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said after meeting in Brussels, where the leaders of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker were summoned by eight leading EU members and three non-members to try to reach a better co-operation between all the countries on the migration route from Greece to Germany.
Frontex members should be deployed in the Shid and assist in border crossing and refugee registration.
Frontex was also deployed between Greece and Macedonia.
At the meeting, a plan was agreed at 17 points, which should ensure better co-operation and a slower migration flow until an agreement is reached with Turkey on stopping the refugee wave.
Asked to comment on the statements of Slovenian Prime Minister Mire Cerar, who on his arrival at the meeting said he expects Croatia's different behavior than it has been so far, Milanovic pointed out that he did not mention it at the meeting itself.
"That did not say at the meeting, he said there was a problem in Greece. I will not use this opportunity to come over with it. We've heard a lot of times before this has started and we're in touch now. If he has the need for his own internal politics to speak such things I do not mind him. It is stupid that I now accuse Slovenia of not being prepared, and we talked about it for a month or accused Greece. Everything is clear, this is too long and it is the biggest burden on Austria and Germany, and Slovenia and Croatia are less, so I do not know what those gags are, it is even disagreeable. If Croatia can, Slovenia can also, "Milanovic said.
Milanovic said he was surprised by what Cerar had said, for he had a collegiate and pleasant conversation with him as always. "We know very well and I really do not see any reason for any tensions," he said.