Uskok has launched an investigation against 16 people who are charged with collecting more than four million euros from libelous investors who have "laughed" on their lies that their money would flow on the international Forex market or in a newly established Austrian-British bank.

The group leader allegedly had three men aged from 49, 50 and 44 who linked the other suspects to the abduction group since November 2004. to the middle of 2011. in the area of ​​Rijeka, Zagreb, Istria, Slavonia and Međimurje.

Fake currency market and new foreign bank

From their victims, claimed Uskok, they took the money "untruthfully showing that the paid-for-money role in Forex currency trading" and "investing in the founding capital of a fictitious newly-established Austrian-British bank in Croatia". Lawmakers also promised the possibility of a favorable credit line with a new bank, although, as reported by Uskok on its website, "the Croatian National Bank did not even ask for such approval."

Fraud was carried out through companies where the first two suspects were responsible, while the other defendants, according to an earlier agreement, were mainly represented by investors as agents of these companies.

"The guilty investors unexpectedly presented the possibility of big and fast earnings by investing in Forex, or in the founding capital of a newly established bank in Croatia. They also misunderstood that on a Forex investment, with minimal risk, they will pay high dividends, while the principal will remain unchanged and absolutely secured by the loss as well as that the money will not be issued from Croatia, that is, will become the shareholders of said bank with a branch in Croatia in which way it will be able to get loans with a lower interest rate, "Uskok reported.

To hide that the money collected will not be invested in foreign currency trading, or in the founder capital of the bank, and to attract as many investors, two fraudsters are 2006. and 2007. in hotels in Rijeka and Opatija, on several occasions, rented out premises where the agents presented to the interested investors the way, the minimum amount of investment and the possible earnings.

Presentations were also held in Austria

Years later, several presentations were held in hotels in Graz, where they talked about the alleged investments and agreed on further steps. Investors also submitted false payouts in German for paid amounts as well as subscribers with marked alleged profit and fictitious shares that had a 'safe' principal amount of 5000 euro.

When investors began to doubt the truth of their allegations, agents handed them the certificates on which the fictitious earnings were indicated. Most investors also provided the code to enter the website, which was supposed to inform them about the status of the bet, the modalities and the payout period, assuring them that the final payout will be in the first half of 2011. But the deadlines then prolonged to 2017.

"In the beginning, the defendants paid some money to certain investors, showing them that they were earned monthly interest and yields, even though they were the money invested by other investors, in order to encourage them to pay even larger amounts," reveals Uskok.

Millionaire loot fake agents have surrendered to the fraudsters organizers who held most of their money for themselves, and paid the other defendants about three percent commission. Uskok suspects that fraudulently raised at least 4.087.788 Euros.

It is unofficially known that this investigation, apart from one person suspected in both cases, is unrelated to the old Forex case, which is currently being tried by fraudsters at the Zagreb County Court, which allegedly claimed even more than 700 million of 130 investors.