Political Party Movement Together has objected to the State Election Commission (DIP) that the forthcoming parliamentary elections, "like all the past," will be illegal and illegal due to the overwhelming vote on the lists and because voters are allowed to vote on a personal ID without each signing in a list of what should be guaranteed that he had access to the vote, and the SEC rejected the objection.

The movement claims that elections for parliamentarians, as well as all the past, will be illegitimate and illegal due to the overwhelming vote of the voters - the 250.000 non-existent voters, maybe even considered, even a million. Adding to that, voters are allowed to vote on the basis of identification by ID card, without each signing in the voter list.

From all of the above, the Movement concludes that the election results can not be controlled during the elections, and even afterwards, allowing electoral fraud.

The DIP replies that the laws do not prescribe that a voter who has to vote must sign the excerpt from the voter list.
It also warns that the Motion complaint does not de facto refer to any specific irregularities in the election process that the Commission would be competent to determine and assess its impact on the implementation of the election.

The Motion Commitment Together is basically related to challenging the implementation of legal solutions, such as the Law on Register of Voters, and the Act on the Election of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament, and determines the Commission as inadmissible and submits that it has the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia.