Slovenia will in the coming days try to abolish Rigonce's entry point through which the largest number of migrants came from previous days in Croatia to migrate the Brežice area from migrant waves, where migrants registered before leaving Austria, announced on Monday the Chief Coordinator for Migration in the Slovene Government, Boštjan Šefic .

Heff announced more stringent measures to control the migration wave if the countries in the environment did not keep the recommendation from Brussels.
"The Rigonce entry point is not adequate," said Chief of the Slovenian Television, not disclosing the details, and announced that in the proceedings about migrants in the future will include Slovenian financial police and private security companies.

According to his words at the border with Croatia, a slightly different operational procedure can be expected soon, and if Croatia is properly announced, "the system should work well", because the registration of migrants in Slovenia would take place faster than it has been.
Contact points will also be established with the countries that participated in the mini-summit on the Balkans migration crisis in Brussels on Sunday, and the Slovenian Interior Ministry will report each week on the status and fulfillment of obligations and forward the information to Brussels, State Secretary in the Ministry of Interior.
If the obligations from Brussels are not met, which will be seen within a few days, the border with Croatia will require more stringent controls, he said, not wanting to talk about the details. (Hina)