The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday filed an indictment against four members of the Bosnian Serb police force for war crimes against Bosniaks in the area of ​​Janja in north-eastern Bosnia, and one of the indictees is Branislav Trišić, an active member of the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA).

In addition to Trišić (54), the indictment was also filed against Zoran Bogdanović (55), Milan Djokic (65) and Ljubisa Ikić (63).
They are charged with being in the 1992 period. to 1994. as commanders or members of the police station in Janja, they violated international humanitarian law and international conventions on the protection of civilians during the war.
They are accused of illegal detention of civilians who were subjected to severe physical and psychological abuse. One of the arrested persons died of torture, while others suffered permanent consequences.
In addition to the violence against Bosniaks in Janja, local Serb authorities forced them to emigrate from that area, whereby displaced persons had to pay special cash benefits.
The remaining population was taken to forced labor or was used as a live shield on the battlefields of the Army of BiH.
The prosecution announced that the guilty of the defendants would prove the execution of the 56 witness to the crime.