You do not have to love me, but there has been a need for people to decide for me, SDP and Government President Zoran Milanovic pointed out on Tuesday night, telling the Cakovci that they would either "or or" in the upcoming elections "either - or disorder, justice or injustice, Milanovic or Karamarko.

Milanovic said voters in the elections are deciding between the state of the country or corruption, justice or injustice, equality or benefit for network corruption, row or disorder, as SDP president as the party party of the "Croatia Growing" coalition or HDZ leader and Domitian Tomislava Karamarka's coalition.

For the past four years his cabinet's mandate has been said to have been a year of hard work, at the beginning of which he was euphoric, and later the government was guilty of all, "and now clear signs have come to the end that things are going to be better."

"That was not the case, because it was planned from the beginning when we ended up with corruption and disorder," Milanovic said. Today, no one is ever above the law, since things have changed deeply and dramatically over the last four years, the example is seen in the former Prime Minister and HDZ Ivo Sanader, "who was overthrown as a person who croaked the country."

He praised Međimurje and Međimurje, whose work, says, speak the most. Everything positive in Međimurje is to be "overtaken" in Croatia, "because this region has no sea, no tourism, no sun, no natural resources, has little land and little gorges, but has valuable hands and intricate heads." "That's right, but it's a tough road," he added, adding that it was also a Croatian journey.

Milanovic said he must not allow the "fake Domestic Coalition that saves salt and who says what it means to be a Croat" to take it. "But the pasaran will not pass," he said. They wondered where somebody was talking about what human and Christian values ​​are, to share Croats on that basis. "Two years ago, in Vukovar, we defended the right of the minority to use their letter and language, and the HDZ has urged people to break through that hammer of that slab," he said. He added that such things would not be forgotten, as they would not forget the gas bottles in Savska Street.

He told the HDZ that he would lose the elections, because "the will of hundreds of thousands of peaceful, resolute and decisive people will overwhelm them that will overwhelm them with will and hearts".

The slogan of his coalition "There is no return to the old", as the citizens have recognized, but "what the Domestic Coalition offers is no longer a return to the old age, but to leave where we have never been since we have never been so low, so primitive and Croatia has never been offered such a bad offer. " "We have to stop and allow this story that we started to continue, so that Croatia continues to grow," Milanovic pointed out.

Croatia wanted to be strong, independent for four years, which is measured in the world today with success, money, jobs and exports. For Croatia, he said he lost much of corruption and disorder, and therefore he has to compensate for a lot, promising the congregation that his coalition, though good, will be even better in the next four years.