In the past twenty-four hours, 5.700 refugees and migrants came to Croatia, and from midnight to 9 the hours of 2.700 and two train trains crossed the border with Slovenia during the night and the morning, the spokesman of the Vukovar-Srijem police confirmed to journalists in Opatovac on Wednesday Domagoj Džigumović.

"It is evident that in the past few days there were fewer refugees and migrants in Croatia than it was until recently when they entered 10.000, on Saturday and 11.500," said Domagoj Džigumović, adding that it is necessary, however, for at least ten days to could be about the trend of reducing the number of refugees.
"We are still in full swing for the ability to receive and 10.000 persons," the spokesman said, and that there were five hundred migrants in the Opatovec Reception Center at 10.
Asked by a journalist about cooperation with the Serbian police at the BAPS crossing, Džigumović said that cooperation is good with the fact that there is no crowd at Bapsk. "As soon as there is no jumble, it means the co-operation is good. Everyone as soon as they enter Bapsack are accommodated in buses and taken to the reception center in Opatovac, "he said.
Dzigumovic also said that refugees and migrants have been transported only by trains for the last two days from the east of Croatia to Slovenia, and transport by buses has been suspended.