Serbian Labor and Social Security Minister Aleksandar Vulin dismissed as unjustified public speculation that 10.000 or 15.000 migrants from the Middle East would "stay permanently in Serbia" and stressed that no one asked for Serbia or set it up as a condition for continued European integration.

Announcing a video conference of representatives of countries on the refugee-migrant route and agreeing on the first steps in implementing the plan agreed at the summit in Brussels, Vulin has pointed out that much has not been agreed at this gathering.

"It has been agreed now that we are starting to work so that we are easier to work for each other," Vulin told RTS, stressing that Serbia would continue to care for refugees in the same way and that it was not in Brussels.

Vulin has announced that Serbia will provide temporary reception centers, reminding that refugees are seeking permanent solutions in Western European countries and Scandinavia, and not in the Balkan countries.

According to his assessment, the criteria for deciding how much refugees could receive Western Balkan countries would be the population and socio-economic strength of that country, but stressed that "nothing will work at the expense of Serbia".

"We have been recognized worldwide because we are organized and protected by our borders. At the request of Prime Minister Aleksandra Vučić, the term "third countries" is not included in the text of the plan, but the country of origin, which is the countries of the Middle East, in which migrants will be returned, "Vulin said.

Vulin told RTS that Serbia did not get enough help from the European Union, but asked for it and expected more, otherwise it would not be able to build the expected reception centers.