The Varaždin Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has to pay 75 thousand HRK to a former employee Dari Krešić, the Varaždin Municipal Court decided after Krešić faced a college claiming he was ridiculed and discriminated against and avoided because of his sexual orientation.

Professor Krešić filed a lawsuit against the Faculty of Organization and Informatics for harassment by colleagues who mocked his sexual orientation with jokes and jokes and allegedly preventing progress from faculty administration.

Middle of 2013. The County Court ruled in his favor, but not in all counts of the indictment.

While while on the one hand the Kontra and Iskorak rights groups for the rights of sexual and gender minorities, who supported Krešić, pointed out that this was the first positive verdict in the case of discrimination based on sex orientation when applying for citizens from the Faculty. They emphasized that Kresic's lawsuit was dismissed in the predominant part or 13 points, and was partially adopted by three counts of the claim. However, the Municipal Court subsequently issued a decision on compensation for damages.

Krešić is in October 2013. gave an extraordinary dismissal because the Faculty allegedly continued with discriminatory actions despite the verdict.

"Despite a legally valid court judgment, the FOI continued with discrimination and creating an unfriendly working climate, so my continued work after being more than three years exposed to humiliation and blackmail by FOI became completely impossible. Unfortunately, neither the University of Zagreb has done anything to suppress discrimination in its ranks, so, for example, Rector Bjeliš did not take any action on those responsible at FOI, "Kresic said in a statement after giving a remarkable dismissal. At the Faculty, they denied Kresic's claims too.