In 13 days since the second wave of immigration flows through Slovenia, a total of 94.444 refugees entered it, and from there in Austria they crossed the 73.563, Slovenian Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday.

This is a state of affairs in the 18 hours on Wednesday, according to not completely complete records derived from official proceedings, the Ministry adds.
Despite the announcement of the announcement, Austria also received migrants from the Transit Center in Šentilje on Wednesday, and afternoon in the tent area at the border with Austria, they were only around 25o, but a new one from the reception centers in the south of the north switches to trains and auxiliary buses.
According to Slovene police, the highest number of migrants from Slovenia received last Thursday, 10.367, and on Monday slightly more than 10.000, while all other days migration in Austria was considerably smaller.
On Wednesday, the Transit Center in Šentil was visited by Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec and Interior Minister Vesna Gyoerkoes Žnidar. She said that she would still be in contact with Austrian Interior Minister Johann Mikl Leitner today to inform him of some allegations that Austria intends to set a fence for better regulation of Austria's entry to migration with Šentilj, saying that the Croatian police are still not accurate agreement on how many migrants can receive Slovenia on a daily basis, whose capacity is limited.