Slovenian opposition leader Janez Jansa accused Prime Minister Mirko Cerar on Wednesday that his slow reactions to the migration crisis had hurt Slovenia's national interests and security and that there were no prepared reactions to the migrant wave that plunged Slovenia.

"Cerar is a man whose events surprise every day," said the president of the largest opposition party and former prime minister in a conversation for Slovene television. Jansa said that Cerar badly manages the migration crisis and said the prime minister ignored his proposals to threaten Slovenia by lifting the wire fence at the border with Croatia, immediately after Hungary did so because it would promptly delay the arrival of migrants at their borders and alarmed Europe for something to be done urgently.

Jansa said that Cerar now repeats what he has already suggested to him with delay.
According to Janšinim, the second Cerarov erroneous move in the second wave of migrants in Slovenia has rejected the Croatian government's offer to migrants from Eastern Slavonia to go directly to Slovenia, which would facilitate border flow rather than migrating to "the fields".

But Cerar insisted with the alleged adherence to the Schengen procedure, which more than one country on the migrant route does not respect, and so "bluffed" Europe as if it were all right, Janos said.

He added that today - albeit too late - to lift effective barriers for migrants on the border with Croatia.
The "fence" should not be afraid, it is not a Berlin Wall, but it would be a means of "defending freedom and order" to prevent chaos at the border and the massive arrival of migrants, Jansa said. He warned that the European Union now has no power to act more effectively and intervene in the international space, and therefore the current migration crisis can not be stopped.
"There is a fence on the US and Mexico borders, and despite the initial disapproval and negative reactions of bureaucrats from Brussels, fences have been set up by Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary because of immigrants," Jansa warned.