For the third year, the Ministry of Culture has shared money with non-profit media and for the third year, the list of portals receiving state subsidies is less than the same.

Most of the portals have not received anything in these three years, and for the third time they have the most three portals: Forum, Lupiga and H-alter. In three years the Forum received 900 a thousand kuna, and it was launched shortly before the ministry started to announce these competitions.

Zdenko Dukovic, who has been the president of the HND and member of the Ministry of Culture's commission for allocating these funds, said last year that the money would be provided when "yours came to power." its, however, will never wait because its journalists and editors, unlike him, are not. Although Duka is no longer president of the HND, despite his stated bias or perhaps for this reason, the Ministry of Culture chose this year as a member of his committee.

That is why last night the Ogranak Internet Journalist of the City of Zagreb (whose president was the editor of the portal organized a tribunal at the HND entitled: Does the ministry of culture share the portal to you and ours and who are yours, and who are ours?

The moderators were the vice-president of the branch Marja Čolak and the member of the executive board of the branch Matija Lovrec. They and their portals have never appeared on these bids because the portals are the company's publishers. And the Ministry of Culture is the only proof that they are also profitable. If you are organized like NK Dino and have your own website then you are a non-profit media and you can contact the Culture Ministry. Only to clarify the difference between profit and nonprofit media.

So, Marja and Matija are personally disinterested for these competitions and that is why we are within the branch and agreed that the two of them are moderators.

We invited the tribune a week ago and representatives of the culture ministry, but they did not even answer our call. President of the HND Saša Leković, however, managed to convince Milan F. Živković, the head of the media department at the ministry, to participate in the forum.

Živkovic has appeared and we are grateful to him as well as his efforts to respond to all the criticisms and questions of the other participants in the forum peacefully and extensively.

What could not be said of other staff members of his media department who appeared on the forum as guests, but as guests did not behave.

With Živković and the author of this text, participants were Leković, president of the Union of Journalists of Croatia Anton Filić, president of Transparency International Croatia Davorka Budimir, editor of Arteista Maja Hrgović, portal analyst Obris-org Defense and Security Igor Tabak (apologized for the call was incorrectly listed as the editor of the World Security Portal, but it is not clear to us why Hina still says it in his report last night because a colleague repeatedly emphasized in his presentations which portal he edited and even shared a leaflet on his portal? ??), editor of the portal Mario Čužić and portal editor Goran Borković.

Goran Borkovic blamed us for having invited him to the Facebook message that he was holding inappropriate and what we said in the invitation as a participant although he did not endorse us. We tried to apologize to him by explaining how his other contact had not been, how sorry we were to hold such an approach inappropriate and how we thought he would come when he agreed to it in the facebook repository. We did not expect him to confirm once again and we are sorry for that. We emphasize this only because Hina, in his brief report of the two-story panel, also mentioned this as a particularly important detail so that we can clarify the matter.

We are sorry that our colleague experienced this as an attack on himself and his media because it was not intended for us and we tried to explain it unsuccessfully even before the stand and during the talk where he was half an hour late so he did not hear the first Maja presentation Hrgović and Igor Tabaka.

The two emphasized that they did not want anything to talk about colleagues and portals who received funding from the ministry of culture but only warned of the vague criteria and contradictory ratings their portals received.

They also stated that, according to them, some members of the commission should be excluded from scoring the portals they have collaborated, with whom they collaborate or on whose impressions they are.

The Obris publisher also emphasized another bizarre. Namely, they encountered the first problems in launching the portal when registering their association because they were sent to the Ministry of Defense by the competent office for associations.

They did not know if the association could deal with defense and security issues, so they were asked to get the defense ministry's statement. So we are probably the only non-governmental organization that was required to seek approval from the government for the establishment, said Tabak, pointing out that those on the Obris portal deal with the people who are most marginalized in this society.

- The ministry of culture tells us not to pay enough attention to the marginal groups, and who is more marginalized than the military. Thousands of 15 thousands of people can not go public, have no union, and they do not even have working hours - Tabak recalled.

Maja Hrgović asked moderator if he could survive without these support, saying that it is very difficult.

"We are following a culture sector that is in itself difficult and there are not too many institutions in the sector that have advertising money," Hrgović explained, whose portal, despite this, grows in readiness thanks to the enthusiasm of her and her collaborators who live for that portal, from him can survive.

As Goran Borkovic appeared half an hour after the opening of the forum, the moderators gave him a word.

The moderator's question is the secret of his success (because he won most of the money on the bids), Borkovic understood as a provocation and started the controversy.

Two people from the crowd attacked the moderators of the forum as unprepared and did not ask the right questions. Later they presented themselves as employees of the Department of Media of the Ministry of Culture.

Lovrec was even blamed for laughing. We note this because of Hin's report, which has been conveyed by numerous media today, and from which it can be inferred that the participants had disbanded "their intruders" by the author of this text.

He was on the turn for his show succeeded after 45 minutes to be quickly interrupted by another corner of the "asked the word". Andrea Milat, a former associate of Zarez, and current editor of the Croatian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, who received 600 thousands of kuna on other bids from the ministry of culture, asked why we give up the right "a government democratically elected to adopt laws, rules and criteria as that power wants ".

Should anyone even recall that Andrea Zlatar, while being a minister, was sentenced by the Conflict of Interest Committee precisely because he was giving money to Zarez, who was a co-owner.

So there was the Croatian edition of the French leftist magazine.

Although Hina stated in his report that the author of this text had argued with his intruders and Boris Postnikov, former editor of Zarez and current staff of the Ministry of Culture, went missing failed to announce that more frequent guests from Zarez interrupted the audience.

And Postnikov's dramatic addressing began with the words that they "came to this forum with their bureau clerk in their private time. Even though every journalist would probably be satisfied with his "office clerk", Postnikov was then asked by all the audience if they knew "conceptually more transparent competition in Croatia". And I emphasized that this is not a rhetorical question. (I would like to have a colleague of Hina explain to me that the answer to "a question that is not rhetorical" is "overwhelming").

And as the guests from the ministry of culture were often insulted and insulted by inculturation, the participants were difficult to come up with.

So Davorka Budimir got the chance to say something just an hour after the start of the forum, and the President of the Journalist Union was the first to speak after an hour and 45 minutes.

Filić reacted to the statements of the editor of the Croatian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique.

-No, power can not do whatever you want and can not share journalists and media on yours and ours. Where are we, however, who are not anymore - Filić pointed out, who only complained to Internet journalists that they would call the Syndicate when they needed something, and the Union's calls and actions did not respond. (We accept criticism, and in our defense we can say that our branch is only half a year)

Saša Lekovic said that neither he nor the HND supports the division of ours and yours and how he made such a statement and personally replied to the former president of the HND.

"I did not hear when Duke told him, but as he had never denied, then he probably said it. My company and that statement, since I became president, is constantly watching me though I would never say so. And the CNB does not share journalists and media on ours and yours. That, alone, in our conversation, and personally, Duki showed up - said Lekovic.

President of Transparency International Croatia said that their society even before this forum from some of the portals was warned of suspicion of transparency and conflict of interest in the nonprofit media culture contest and proposed Internet portals that these doubts still have to go to her company to make jointly attempted to confirm or reject these suspicions.

"I can say that TIH has not been able to go through similar competitions lately, but that may be fine for us. Much easier now we can track and point to possible non-transparency in spending the state money - said Budimir.

Gość from the ministry of culture, Lela Vujanić, told the author of this article that he had launched a hajszalag a miniszter "with himself related portals like" because last year "spun the spin as they gave money to the non-existent portal."

Otherwise, as our "ustašica" writes Nora Krstulović, Vujanić has highlighted an expert on issues of conflict of interest.

But, portal has not "thrown a spin" to anyone, but we just want to prove that one can get a better rating from a conservative portal like Although one of the essential criteria of their tenders is "pluralism of the media". Pluralism, according to them, is only permissible if it happens among former and present associates and readers of Zarez.

In response to their criticism of Jutarnji list, the minister of culture told us that we are the pests we managed to deceive Jutarnji list, and their journalists settled down because they "have a lot of work and have not come well to study the subject."

We doubt that our colleague Robert Bajruš who critically wrote about these contenders agreed that he fell on the spin portal of We still doubt that such a spin fell and the owner of Portal Index Matija Babić. The Index also writes very critically about these competitions, so it still does in its title from Hin's report, which has been extended by their journalists.

In the Hina report, which is being portrayed today by numerous portals, Mario Čužić is not mentioned even though he is their permanent associate. Čužić pointed out that in his assessment of the portal, the commission of the culture ministry blamed them for not being sufficiently critical of the city government of Zagreb.

"And we are a city news agency whose reports and photographs are taken by both the major commercial media and Hina. We just want to do that, news reports that, by their very nature, must be objective. Why would they have to write comments? - said Čužić, who also complained to the H-alter portal journalist who attacked the portal two years ago, which through the competition received funds from Zagreb.

- They said that we are getting the money from Bandic under the table, which is about tenders that are more honest and transparent than these and whose results can always be found on Zagreb's pages - said Čužić. However, the truth is to be admitted that then the target of the H-altera attack was not so much portal or portal which also received money from the city of Zagreb as the portal Index and its owner Matija Babić. Although no money was distributed to anyone under the table, it was convenient to put in the headlines for Matija Babic to receive Milan Bandic's money. And last year, the "money under the table" was taken by H-altera. And not just in that one contest.

When the moderators saw the arrival of guest speakers, Josip Curkovic, the first radio broadcaster in Croatia (Radio Deejay) and Nenad Bartolčić, the editor of the Modern Times portal, invited them to join the table as participants.

Ćurković pointed out that his non-profit radio did not manage to receive state subsidies and how often they were often overwhelmed by the lack of FM frequencies. They do succeed in surviving mostly by organizing music parties.

Nenad Bartolcic and his portal to the contests that have been spoken on the forum do not appear because the portal publisher is not an association but a company. For many years, Bartolcic has been struggling to not discriminate against those portals, which are company publishers. Everyone who knows the internet market in Croatia knows very well how to call all the gates that publishers are at the same time profitable top cynicism.

"In my fifty and one year, it's a shame to tell me what the" earnings "is. So I can hardly afford to hire myself - said Bartolcic.

And for the end, it should be noted that Zagreb's internet journalist Ogranak asked the Ministry of Culture for a week to come to the forum as participants, along with Živković, Minister of Culture Berislav Šipuš and at least one member of the committee.

We have personally invited Damir Hajnski who was in the Commission as a representative of Hina. We wanted him in the forum for two reasons. Namely, this year, the Ministry of Culture for 25's top rated portals provided a special "bonus" even though it was not foreseen in the text of the competition.

Apart from receiving money from the ministry, these portals also received the right to free one-year free use of the Hina General Service.

Other Croatian portals, which are less or less favorable to the Ministry of Culture, pay for this service fifty (and more) thousand kuna.

So, state bodies not only always allocate the largest subsidies to the same portals but the services of the state agency, some have to pay and some do not. It is only because this is what the Minister of Culture decided this year.

So much about equality between internet portals.

And so much about why Hino's report from last night's party is missing a lot, and something is incorrect.

And when we were already in the Commission, which this year, along with Duka and Hajnika, was done by Ana Marija Simic, Tonči Kursar, Hajrudin Hromadzic, Biljana Romić and Suzana Kunac - another interesting guest appeared in the forum.

Biljana Bašić, former journalist Vjesnik, was reported this year at the competition for a member of the commission. The panel stressed that the contest was carried out in a nutshell and it had no reason to suspect that the members of the commission in the short time they had had since their constitution and to reach a decision reached at all goodly read and evaluate according to so many criteria more than 80 received projects.