Four train trains arrived in Slovene Dobov on Friday, with more than 4000 migrants arriving from eastern Slavonia, and Slovenian media have begun to write more disastrously in the so-called "reception centers" in Dobovi and Brežice, which is further aggravated by the slowdown in receiving migrants in Austria .

At Slovenian border crossing Šentilj this morning there are almost three and a half thousand ferocious and nervous refugees and migrants because Austrian security authorities have not let them go further, Slovenian media appear.
After the foreign and German media witnessed the very difficult and inhuman circumstances and practices that were exposed to migrants in Brežice and Dobovi, upon their arrival from Croatia, about the reports of their journalists who were at the beginning of the week with refugees , policemen, activists and humanitarian workers, wrote the Ljubljana "Delo" and "Dnevnik", the two largest Slovenian daily newspapers.
Some of their statements are common: so-called "registration" of refugees interpreted by respecting the Schengen regulations makes no sense because it relies on the information given to migrants because they do not have any documents, and because "only" registers are part of what they have received and all are pointing to refugee centers and towards Austria.
"Delov" a journalist who visited a refugee center in the Age, or the premises of a former textile factory that is brought to the attention of thousands of tired and frightened people, argues that in some respects it is possible to agree with the rating of a Slovenian activist who described the premier Miri Cerar Dobov as "concentrating camp".
Women who drove the train of Croatian Railways did not manage to go to the toilet while driving, and they have to wait for luck on the Slovenian train because the reception center without a toilets, only one doctor should look at several thousand people, too little food, as well as humanitarian workers and activists, and are also bureaucratic because everyone who wants to be involved in helping has to go to Ljubljana to get a written permission, describes journalist Dela.
"It is true that the state resembles a concentration camp. In the hall of the former textile factory, there is no toilet or place where people would be humbled, and because of the impudent smell they prefer to sleep in the open. They get upset when food is shared because they are afraid not to stay without it. But the biggest problem is the breakup of the system. The army could make sure that the Polish kitchen was set to eat something warm, and as a result of these sudden drops of fish from the bags, they collapsed fish cans and other food, expanding stereotypes as they are not hungry, "says the journalist of the leading Slovenian newspaper.
Regarding police procedures, she states that she is nervous as shifts last for hours or longer, but that is not a justification for being "quite a few" among cops who pronounce "insubstantial xenophobic statements" that are not worth the odor carry because of the shame of the state.
Journalist "Dnevnik" describes the situation in the new "reception center" along the border with Croatia, where numerous special-purpose police officers guard the mass of thousands of refugees inside the encircled space.
"By the air blowing the blades as a warning, while the tedious megaphone translator invites people to be patient because everyone will come to the order for transportation, buses are just coming. But it is a lie because the buses are too weak and the nerves are stronger, "the journalist" Dnevnik "writes about psychosis that is widening among the refugees and cops guarding them.
In moments when the tension is widening, police officers shuffle on the fence, the refugees shout: We want to go, and the overcrowded camp at some point places a stampede where some collapse on the floor while a pile goes over them.
"This miracle survived, but it is only a matter of time when the first fatal victim is to come," one of the cops said after the crowd was overwhelmed by a younger man who was full of bruising and unconscious after one such bust, but it was found that still alive.
"Obviously, there will have to be the first deadly victim to change something," the cop added.