Citizens can only be until Saturday, 31. October, returning milk and dairy products to the stores, the Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund reminded Friday.

"Even today and tomorrow, citizens can return packagings of milk and dairy drinks in the store where the '0,50 kn' return is stamped, because the new Packaging Ordinance on packaging and waste packaging abolished a reimbursement fee for milk and dairy products packaging, is in the Fund's statement.

From 20. August retailers for these products no longer charge a 0,50 kuna refund fee, so the prerequisites for reducing the total price paid for these food items were created.

"The share of milk and dairy products in packaging covered by a refund in 2014. year was only 11 percent, so this change did not endanger the recycling targets set out in the Ordinance. The existing rebate for bottles and cans of PET, glass and Al / Fe for drinks and beverages continues to be 0,50 kuna, and citizens for these products, as well as so far, can get a return on the returned packaging at the stores, "says in a statement.