Police on Friday prevented the terrorist attack in Janja near Bijeljina in the northwestern part of BiH, the Security Service Center in Bijeljina announced.

With the cooperation of the State Investigation and Protection Agency and the police of Republika Srpska, it was discovered that Bijeljina was preparing a terrorist attack, and by searching the motel "Dalas" in Janje, there was a greater amount of flammable substances and explosives found.
"More than a hundred liters of gasoline, more gas bottles, explosive and pyrotechnic tools linked to cloths have been found in the hotel for destruction of the facility," spokeswoman of the Security Service Center Aleksandra Simojlović said.
Police say the improvised explosive device could destroy a motel owned by the 64-year-old living in the Netherlands and surrounding residential buildings.
The case is currently being treated as a serious criminal offense aimed at endangering the security of persons and property and provoking religious, national and racial intolerance.
An investigation is underway to determine who exactly and with what purpose the attack was planned.
Janja is a place predominantly inhabited by Bosniaks during the war of 1992. to 1995. year was the scene of mass ethnic cleansing and persecution carried out by the army and the Bosnian Serb police.
It is also one of the rare areas where a massive return of displaced persons was recorded after the war.