At least the 26 people were killed, and 145 was wounded in an explosion and fire that flared on a Friday night at a disco in the main Romanian city of Bucharest.

The Romanian Interior Ministry announced that 26 was killed and that 145 was wounded and transferred to several Bucharest hospitals.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea said visiting the venue was a major tragedy and announced that an investigation into the causes of the accident was immediately launched.

Around 400, mostly young people gathered on Friday night at the club hosting the rock concert. One of the witnesses said there was fireworks in the club and that there was a fire and then an explosion.

TV shots could see cops and medical staff trying to help young people get killed in the incident, while hospital wagons transport the wounded from the scene of the accident.

"There was a stampede when trying to leave the club," Reuters told one of the event participants who managed to save.