The most popular minister, HNS, has only placed eighth place in another constituency. The president of the Zagreb HNS did not therefore shrink from the spirit.

He traveled from eastern Zagreb to his native Bjelovar and fought for a preferential voice. It is her only chance, as the polls show, to have the only chance to enter the Parliament.

We met Anku Mrak Taritaš more than ten years ago when he was head of the Zagreb City Hall.

It has not changed too much. When she tells her, she does not calculate. But he does not attack others. Just fight for yourself. Achieves the results.

Although we have fallen from the chair after the interview and walked down the floor of the Ministry of Construction, we want to get it from the low place in its constituency to the top. He is one of the few ministers in this government who absolutely deserved it. If you are going to vote for a coalition in another constituency, Croatia is growing, then look at the video interview and you'll see why she definitely deserves to round off her name.