Serbia has lost nearly a million people in the last few years and has signaled that population policy and educational system must be altered because of the low natural growth and the abundance of younger population abroad, Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Mihajlovic said on Monday.

She told the Digital Human Resources Meeting that she was from Serbia by 2000. year went around 300.000 people.

"We have also lost some 30.000 people around the world for this small period of time, so that when we do all this we see that we have lost nearly a million people in the last 15 years," said Mihajlovic, stressing that Serbia needs much better management of intellectual capital and human resources resources because it is "more important than managing any other type of resource".

"We can be strong in the region as well as other countries," said Mihajlovic.

According to the vice-premier of the government, which is also the Minister of Transport and Civilization, current youth unemployment is at the level of even 43 of the total number of unemployed in Serbia.

Opening a conference "HR Serbia 2015 - Human Resources in the Digital Age", Mihajlovic stressed that he believes that "it is possible to make changes so that people stay in Serbia, they are engaged and contribute to economic growth".

Asked how the government would do it, she said it meant "clear education policy and change in the education system, steady economic growth, new population policy and innovation."

In her words, "Serbia is awake in the past year," and her economic situation gives her the opportunity to "think in a completely different way" and keep people.