In the widespread rebellion, 36 retailers and entrepreneurs "zinkalo" are the mafia and reported attempts at extortion in a mafia base near Palermo's capital, Sicily, which resulted in arrest of 21, police said on Monday.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi welcomed the apparent collapse of the mafia code of silence, omerte, in the town of Bagheria, where "the godfather of all the gods" Bernardo Provenzano spent many years in the flight before the final arrests of 2006.

The police announced that on the basis of local business information they issued a 22 arrest warrant for mafia bosses and their rebels, and so far everyone has been arrested, except one person.

Giuseppe De Riggi Reuters commander told Reuters that so many people have never faced the Sicilian mafia, the notorious Cosi Nostri, and not one of its most powerful muscles at the same time.

"A lot of people who want to cooperate with the police in such a small town like Bagheri are remarkable," he said.

Sicilian entrepreneurs have long since only had one choice - paying "the protection" of Cosi Nostri ("Our cause" in Italian) or the consequences of the violent retribution, from the fires, through the threat of death to brutal murders. However, overpriced sums of money in recent years may have been a cause for so many entrepreneurs to report all to the police, according to state prosecutor from Palermo Leonardo Aguero, assessing the rebellion of entrepreneurs "a significant phenomenon that is on the rise".