The US defense ministry spent nearly $ 43 million on the construction of a gas station in Shebergan, Afghanistan, according to an official report denouncing abuse of US aid.

This gas station charging station is the latest example of abuse and malfeasance in using US $ 1 billion in aid to Afghanistan, warns Afghanistan's chief inspector, John Sopko, the author of the report released on Monday.

Amount of 43 million dollars is "overdone," Warren Ryan, spokeswoman of Sop, said, reminding that the construction of similar cells in neighboring Pakistan stood at $ 500.000, which is 140 times smaller.

"There is no indication" that the people in the Pentagon who conducted this prescriptive project "made a study of its feasibility," the spokesman added.

To do this, "they could see that Afghanistan does not have a natural gas distribution infrastructure sufficient to create a viable market," he said.

The reports of the Afghanistan Chief Reconstruction Inspectorate (SIGAR) testify to the difficulties faced by the US in trying to improve the state administration in Afghanistan despite the hundreds of billions of US dollars spent by 2002.

SIGAR has since its foundation 2012. released 136 reports that found that more than $ 1 billion was spent unintentionally, Ryan said.

Among the many abuses is a $ 8 billion worth of narcotics that has "missed all the possible criteria," 500 million dollars spent on planes that ended in the old iron and a completely new clinic that did not have electricity and water, so newborns had to follow in the nearby river, reminds SIGAR.