ORaH held a "silent" press conference in front of the HTV building on Tuesday, where the press release "Media Blockade of the ORaH - Does HTV translate into the SDP and HDZ newsletters and their satellites" read a spokesperson of the party Dean Šarčević, while President of ORaH Mirela Holy and members of the party leadership read the press with patches in the mouth.

HRT on Friday, 6. November, organizes a large-scale electoral confrontation of party lists and coalitions that the ORs have not been called, but two major HDZ and SDP coalitions will be faced with their partners, said Šarčević and called on the HRT to explain to the public the criteria that will invite participants to confrontation.

ORaH calls for public television, which is funded by money taxpayers precisely to serve as a service to all Croatian citizens, not to the SDP and HDZ newsletters, to enable a pluralist-based democratic approach that will involve ORs and other political parties such as Living Wall and Bandic Milan 365, modeled on commercial television houses, whose confrontations were far more plural and more democratic.

The HRT Program Board, HRT Editor-in-Chief and the State Election Commission and the Ethics Committee are asking the question whether a public service should guarantee fair representation or the task of blocking an option advocating the change of the existing situation.

"Who makes the decision that journalists and cameramen go to the field to record ORs and according to which criteria does not the same content appear in the central information bulletins? What is the reason that the attitudes and solutions that ORa presents are not shown? In whose interest it is, "he asks.

The statement states that the OR is a parliamentary and parliamentary party with the MP, and the only program partner in Croatia with the 40 political and program documents that have been public debate over the past two years with citizens. Nevertheless, ORaH is twice less mentioned than HDSSB, two and a half times smaller than the Bridge and eight times less than HDZ and SDP.

ORaH calculates and does not conclude political agreements below the table with other actors, interest groups and media outlets, but fights with quality solutions and programs, say in ORAH and argues that it is unacceptable that the program of public television "is regulated in the cabinets of Zoran Milanovic and Tomislava Karamarka ".