Last year for work and better living conditions from Croatia, the 20.858 people moved abroad and a new study of the portal shows that even 82 of the respondents is thinking about it.

According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, 20.858 persons were removed from Croatia last year, the year before they were replaced by 15.262 and 2012. the number of displaced people was 12.877. spent the period of 2. to 9. October survey on a sample of 547 respondents, which showed that the 82 percent is considering leaving, with the 32 percent of respondents not working actively on that, while the 22 percent is just starting to leave the country.

Out of the total number of respondents, their 28 percent actively works out to leave Croatia, suggesting a significantly more firm decision than leaving the thinking itself.

On leaving abroad, 12 does not think about the percentage of respondents, and 6 has said that most people in their environment are thinking or actively working on leaving Croatia while they are not thinking about it.

"Quality of life is one of the reasons why many remain in the country, even with lower incomes. Although a large number of people in Croatia are thinking about leaving, this is a smaller number, most often when they can not survive, "commented Saša Jurković, director of the portal

In the past year, most young people in the age group between 25 and 29 years were chosen, followed by the age group between 30 and 39 years, but there is no lag behind the age of 45 to 59 years.

Survey data suggest that we can expect an increase in these numbers and once again confirm that brain drain is a Croatian reality, says