Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Policy and Youth Milanko Opacic presented 22 contracts worth 22 million kuna on Tuesday at a ceremony on behalf of civilian human rights organizations and promotion of the position of the Roma national minority, which were secured through the government's Office for Associations from European Access Funds.

Every society measures the degree of development through various parameters, from economic development to development of democratic standards, ie through the protection of human rights and the rights of minority groups, said Opacic, estimating that in the last three years a great step has been made in both segments.

Recalling that a few years ago a Civil Society Development Commission was established, he pointed out that the goal was to expand the number of projects funded through NGOs to expand to Croatian areas where institutional capacities had not been developed.

It was also necessary to invest in education because the associations needed to learn how to come to the contest, how to make the project and the necessary documentation, Opacic explained. All this has given us the results, so by encouraging Roma affiliated societies for six times increasing the number of Roma children who stay in schools, and the accumulation of that population is much larger, which has contributed to a better health picture.

There is room for further development, Opacic said, saying that he can not agree with the announcement that the money in the budget will be saved to the account of the NGO or the civil sector. The civil sector is very important and important for the development and protection of numerous rights because the associations, because of their targeted work area, are often more efficient than institutions, says Opačić.

Among the associations that signed the contracts were the Serbian National Council for the Development of the Minorities Councils in Sisak-Moslavina and Šibenik-Knin County, the Center for Peace Studies, the Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs "The Way to Life", Gong, Youth Network of Croatia, The "Roma Heart", the Roma National Council Association, the Roma National Forum Association, etc.