The Croatian Motorway (HAC) will release the completed section Jakuševec - Velika Gorica on the A17 Zagreb-Sisak highway in 11 on Tuesday. The value of the works will be 1,6 HRK billions and will not be in the toll collection system.

On this occasion, on the junction of Jakuševec, which connects to the Zagreb Bypass, and then on the motorway Zagreb - Sisak, the completed road was visited by Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure Siniša Hajdaš Dončić and Head of HAC.

Prior to his visit, Prime Minister Milanovic asked the journalist whether this opening was timed before the elections, he replied, because a technical review of the stock is now completed.

"It was, but it did not have to be, because it depended on the technical review and the tape that lasted for nine years. They go to town and have no land bought, then people are normally blackmailed and it has been pulling for years. So, it's finally over. In this term, we completed one 60 mile of highway and always the same story; you do work, do not secure the legal structure, you do not redeem land, so people are being blackmailed, and so on. This should not work. I think everything we have touched at least did not ruin us, but we ended up, "Milanovic said. He added that 11 kilometers on the Zagreb-Sisak motorway now complete a total of 31 kilometers, and that there are still only 10 miles to Sisak.

The Jakuševec - Velika Gorica section is long 10,9 kilometers (km) and is not in the toll collection system. There are a total of four junctions and connections: Jakuševec, Veliko Polje, Velika Gorica and Velika Gorica south, two viaducts, industrial track, pedestrian precinct and three road crossings. The total investment value of the Jakuševec - Velika Gorica South works is 1,6 billion , of which 934 million are construction works, and 560 million is related to the expropriation of real estate.

Troubled problems, said Board Member HAC Marijan Sente, were the biggest stumbling block. "Problems in expiration procedures, which have been prolonged, have caused the extension of deadlines for works, which have been completed only this year, and 2006 has begun. years. Problems were also provided by the contractors themselves, Hidroelektra, Konstruktor, Osijekkoteks, Zagorje Tehnobeton etc., which today have business problems, "Sente said. To a journalist's request that the last stock could be completed, from Lekenik to Sisak, Sente replied that this stock was "for now not in the construction", ie that the project is not in the 2013-2016 construction plan.

With the launch of new shares, the City of Zagreb and Velika Gorica will be connected to the full motorway profile, which will enable a faster and safer approach to the future terminal of the largest airport in Croatia, reduce the overload of the existing D30 state road and increase traffic safety. The totality of the A11 Zagreb-Sisak motorway has so far been invested around 3 billion, while the highway would have to cut from Zagreb to Sisak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Milanovic estimates that GDP growth will be higher than the 2 percent

Prime Minister Milanovic, responding to journalists' questions why the number of citizens with blocked accounts increases, noted that retail trade and GDP growth also increased, estimating that his growth for the third quarter is likely to be higher than the 2 percent.

"So everything suggests that all indicators will be bigger. The blocked account is a consequence of business, unfortunately, I would not link it to the government's policy. The fact is that in these four years it has been operating and paying much more neatly than it was before, much more neat and that all the indicators were very positive. Everything suggests that growth in the third quarter, to be announced at the end of November, can not be less than the 2 percent, which means that we have caught up with the momentum, although some HDZ believe that this information should not be published because it is disturbing people . I've never heard anything like this before. Not even in Russia, "Milanovic said