This year's football match of the European Champions League is coming to an end all over Europe. Divorce of hooligans was recorded in Seville, Lviv and Athens.

In the center of Seville there have been fierce clashes between fans of that Spanish club and fans of Manchester City. An incident occurred when 50 masked hooligans hit the pub and attacked England. In the general fight, the bats, the chairs, the boulders, even the knives, were fired. Damage to the premises and in front of him was great, and several cars were damaged because the fight continued on the street. In the clashes, several English fans were hurt, and one girl who suffered head injuries was hospitalized
"Pub is almost completely destroyed. It was a well organized attack. We did not expect us to attack Seville, "Paul, 26-year-old city fan, said. The match between Seville and City will be played at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan stadium tonight.
Incidents were also reported in Lviv where Šahtjor hosts Malmo. Ukrainian hooligans attacked a smaller group of Swedish fans and beat them. One young man suffered harder and was transported to a local hospital.
"The Shaders of the Shaders have welcomed us in ambush. There were 30 takers and ten of us. That's crazy, I do not know why they attacked us. Who knows if everything ends up without the police coming, "the Swedish media reported the statement of one of the attacked young men.
'Hot' is also in Athens where Olympiacos and Dinamo meet Wednesday. Greek police have attracted at least the 40 Red Star fans who came to Athens to hold the Olympiacos in the Champions League duo against Zagreb's Dinamo, and collude with Croatian supporters. The Greek media say the police have found bats, metal bars, torches, and other items at the Belgrade club fans. The police allegedly searched for hotels, catering facilities and other places where they could find fans of Zvezda or Dinamo, and thus prevent possible conflicts. According to the writings of the media in Greece, there were at least the 300 fans of the Belgrade club and about a hundred Bad Blue Boys.
Last night, the first incidents occurred when a group of hooligans attacked a taxi in which four of the fans were 'modric'. The hooligans shuffled a taxi on the engines, smashed the glass, and fired the torches, and fans of the Dinas at the last moment pulled out a living head.