European Council President Donald Tusk has convened another informal meeting at the top of the leaders of EU member states on the 12 migration crisis. November in Valletta, capital of Malta, underlining the need to preserve the Schengen area of ​​travel without passports through appropriate EU external borders management.
EU leaders and African partners will hold in Valletta 11. and 12. November summit devoted to African migrants coming to Europe.

Right after that, 12. November will be convened only by the heads of state or government of the EU Member States 28.
In a letter to the leaders of EU member states, Tusk says that everything must be done to prevent the collapse of the Schengen area.
Tusk warns that the influx of migrants continues at an unprecedented rate, and in October there was a record of 218 thousands of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean.
"Faced with such a migrant wave, some member states introduce various measures at the internal Schengen borders. As I warned earlier, the only way to avoid the collapse of Schengen is to ensure the proper management of the EU's external borders. We must do everything we can to keep Schengen untouched by stopping all initiatives that could lead to the re-establishment of borders within Schengen, "says Tusk in a letter of invitation.
This is already the third EU summit devoted to the migration crisis in the last two and a half months.
Tusk states in his letter of invitation that the purpose of the meeting in Valletta is to firstly consider the implementation of the measures that the EU has adopted so far: strengthening cooperation with third countries, including Turkey, in order to slow down the inflow of migrants; implementation of the decision to relocate, hire hotspots in Greece and Italy and increase the capacity for receiving migrants and discuss the effective strengthening of control at the EU's external borders.
The migrants' crisis will be on the agenda and at an extraordinary meeting of interior ministers, summoned by the Luxembourg presidency on Monday, 9. November in Brussels.