Volkswagen announced on Tuesday that "unexplained emissions" of carbon dioxide were discovered around the additional 800.000 diesel cars of this company, worth about 2 billion.

"During internal testing, unexplained deformations were detected in the CO2 level. Based on the present knowledge, about the 800.000 Volkswagen car is affected by this problem, "the company said in a statement.

Volkswagen is already in the habit of screaming cheat tests on the amount of exhaust gas for diesel vehicles.

The world's largest car manufacturer has admitted 18. September that illegal diesel software was installed in diesel vehicles to disrupt American oversight services regarding the actual exhaust emissions level, causing the biggest business crisis in history.

For now, Volkswagen, which manufactures 12 cars of various brands, estimates the economic risks at around 2 billion after that new affair. The company insists that "the safety of its cars is not in question".

The company's spokeswoman pointed out that the CO2 Diesel Engines 1,4 liters, 1,6 liters and 2 liters were detected on the VW, Škoda, Audi and Seat models as well as one gasoline engine.