Bernard South is not in the mood for political correctness. What does he say and say loudly. At the talk for portal she came in a foggy morning from Virovitica to Zagreb.

Although we were pulling the conversation back into the empty part of the City Coffee Table, the tables were filled up as soon as the camera turned on.

But Bernarda has shown that she has no problem at all. So the candle of the cafe went off with the conversation with it dropped even a suitable soundtrack.

He competes in the election list of the Bridge in the fourth constituency. Her name is in the fourth place. But she fights for a preferential voice because she does not just want to fill the female quota with male colleagues on the list.

He does not like to ideologically rank, but as journalists like to do it, it's best to describe it as a Croatian version of Ben Carson.

If you have close views of this leading candidate among the American Republicans then Bernard South is the woman you are looking for. And if you live in Slavonia you will round up its name on the List of the Bridge.

Talk about the length in two parts (it's difficult to break Bernard when he starts talking), but when you look at them and when you hear South you will be quite clear why you prefer to drink tea than coffee. If anyone wants to import Tea Party from America to Croatia it will be her.