Two migrant children drowned on Wednesday night on Wednesday, near the Greek island of Kos, while protesting against a series of such dramatic events took place in Lezbos during a visit by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Cipras and European Parliament Speaker Martina Schulz.

Two children drowned after shipwreck of a boat that went from Turkey, where they boarded with families, 250 meters from the northern coast of Kos, in the Aegean Sea, during the night, the port police announced. The remains of one child were found until the other body of the boy, six years old, still looks for it.

As one of the 14 people rescued in shipwreck, the boy's father told the rescuers that he could not save him from drowning and left the body to help other passengers.

North of the island of Lezbos, the main entrance of migrants to Europe, protesters mourned in the morning against European policy towards refugees and called for policy change to ensure the security of migrants.