Former member of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) Mensur Djakic was arrested on Thursday in Brcko on suspicion of being responsible for war crimes committed in that area 1992. the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, which is conducting an investigation, confirmed.

Đakić (66) during the war in BiH has served as the commander of 1. bataljuna 108. brigade HVO. The BiH Prosecutor's Office charges him in September 1992. during the attack on his unit in the village of Bukvik, killed a captive member of the Bosnian Serb army personally, as well as preventing one of his subordinates from killing three more Serb prisoners, and then not punishing him.
The Djakic Prosecution of BiH charges personal and command responsibility for committing war crimes against prisoners of war.
After being arrested, the police from Brcko handed Djakic to the Prosecutor's Office of BiH where he would be examined, and then he would decide on a possible detention order.
The Prosecution claims that Djakic is only one of the suspects in the investigation to be found responsible for war crimes in Bukvik.
In cooperation with the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and Entity Police, an investigation was conducted aiming at establishing the criminal responsibility for the murder of about fifty Serb civilians in that Posavina place.