Creating closed enclaves for Muslim refugees and the possible Islamization of Europe should not be afraid if Christians are alive witnessing their faith and if they accept the proposal of Pope Francis on how to disperse the refugees of another faith evenly, he said in a talk about the multimedia portal " "Archbishop of Ljubljana and metropolitan Stanislav Zore.

On the question of whether to fear the Islamization of Europe, as recently announced by Bishop Murska Sobota, Peter Štumpf, and to face a large refugee wave flooding Europe, Zora said that fear is unjustified if Christians profuse and begin to witness their faith and if accepts Pope Francis's proposal on how to solve the refugee issue in Europe.
"If all migrants are located in closed areas, we will only get new Islamic enclaves in Europe, which is already enough. But if we know how to deploy them, for example, as suggested by the Pope, that one parish or community receives one such family, then the possibility of their integration will be opened, "said the Archbishop of Ljubljana.
He considered that the migrant-refugee issue also had a humanitarian and security aspect, and that it was most important to be resolved in the countries where migrants came from.
This, according to the esteem of the Archbishop of Ljubljana, goes slow because the great powers that are responsible for the situation and the conflicts in these regions can not agree on how to achieve peace.
It should not shake its head in the sand with a question that poses a security challenge, and it is necessary to stop where the source of all the crises, to give up selfishness and to work on peace, said Archbishop Stanislav Zora and metropolitan Stanislav Zore in a portal talk close to conservative political opposition.