One person died on Thursday in Sarajevo during the robbery of the Raiffeisen Bank branch, the local police said intentionally in search of robberies.

According to a statement by MUP spokesperson Irfan Nefić, during the robbery that took place in Ilidža settlement, there was a shooting in which a casual passerby was injured.
He was immediately transferred to Emergency, but despite the doctor's efforts to save his life, he died in the early hours of the morning.
The killer went on a bicycle and suddenly found himself in front of the robbery armed machine gun.
In a self-evident attempt to frighten passers-by and police, they shot at random with the passers-by.
At high speed, the robbers escaped with a car that was apparently stolen and then ignited.
The police began an intensive search for the perpetrators.
It is not known if the robbers managed to steal the money.
During the morning in Hrasno settlement another attempt was made to arm the bank, but there were no victims there, and the police managed to arrest the attacker.