HDZ Boris Kunst, chairman of the working committee, said at a press conference Sunday that current government manipulates with unemployment data and that the labor market serves as a source for election prevalence of citizens and is afraid to present the actual data on the economy in their mandate.

He noted that the Minister of Labor and Pension System Mirando Mrsić praised the data that 200 had lost thousands of jobs, but also the open 220.000 new, which, as he said, can only be believed by someone who does not know the labor market.

According to Kunst, the number of employees should be the nightmare of the current government, not to praise it. He stated that they were confused that in their four years of mandate, and just in July this year, there were fewer employees in Croatia or 1.364.000 which was compared with July 2001. less for 62.000 jobs.

Kunst also commented on the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Branko Grcic that the construction sector will return to life, recalling that the number of employees in construction on the arrival of the current government to power 2011. was a 107.000 employee with a GDP share of over six percent. In July this year, 69.992 workers were employed in the construction industry, meaning that '40' was lost, ie 40 percent, and the share in GDP was less than three percent.

The leaders are keen to be praised as the biggest drop in unemployment in the last six years and at the same time the lowest employment in Croatia, Kunst emphasized.

He warned that every month about 10.000 of the unemployed would be deleted from the records, so from the beginning of the year to July 2015. deleted 62.000 unemployed, and 2014. 137.243 of the unemployed with the use of a manipulative term - "inactive job search". They are still unemployed only in official statistics, warned Kunst.

He has accused the current government of silencing the exodus of Croatian citizens who went more than 100.000 overseas with the belly belly, among which a good part of those who were deleted from the records of the unemployed.

He also noted that the Government did not praise the Eurostat report from June 2015. the year in which Croatia is in the second place of the countries where most people are unsuccessfully looking for a job, ahead of only Spain, and that in Croatia 20.000 employees are not paid.

Today, the 65 percent of young people are unemployed, and the 35 percent employees who work mostly predetermined are lower and lower paid than those who work indefinitely.

Asked what the HDZ would do in power, Kunst said to make better use of funds from the European Social Fund for employment and to address the problem of non-compliance of the education system with labor market needs and undertake a number of other measures.