Beneficiaries of the Zagreb Holding's services that receive funds through Single Payment in November will receive two payment slips for the month of October and November.
  • Accounts for 10. month The currency matures are 15.11.2015. years
  • Accounts for 11. month The currency matures are 15.12.2015. years
In this way, we have decided to submit bills so that citizens can compare the difference in the calculation of the collection of mixed municipal waste and in order to improve the common system with the new forces, listening to the needs and objections of the citizens.

For any ambiguities and remarks on the new billing mode, 072 500 400 phones are available to citizens from 7 to 20 hours, and on Saturdays from 8 to 13 hours.
Information can also be obtained by sending inquiries to the Internet mail address or

Tenant representatives who receive from VIO the notifier's accounts for the entire building can see whether the condition of the water meter for the building is read or estimated - since the water meters for residential buildings were also read in August, September and for most buildings in October for those residential buildings for which the estimated state of the computer is the average consumption of the previously read periods - the delivery of notice accounts may be requested by the tenant's representatives in ViO.