In the Vukovar town district of Borovo, on Thursday, in the former self-proclaimed "Borovo" hotel, mayor Milan Bandić solemnly opened a newly-hostel "Zagreb".

Hostel "Zagreb" operates as part of the Public Institution of the Memorial Center of the Homeland War of Vukovar and is intended, among other things, for the accommodation of students of the eighth grade of elementary schools which, within the project of the Ministry of Veterans, from this school year are obliged to spend two days in Vukovar to learn about the Homeland War .

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic said that Vukovar and Zagreb are 'finger and nail' because Vukovar is a city of heroes, Zagreb as well as the capital of Croatia.

"Vukovar has suffered what he suffered in the Greater Gorge, but what should have remained - the city of youth, peace, tolerance and the common life of all," Milan Bandić said in a brief speech and said that both Vukovar and Zagreb and Croatia have a chance for greater progress.

Thanks to Zagreb for helping to rebuild the "Zagreb" hostel, the director of the Public Institution of the Homeland War Center of Vukovar, Zoran Šangut, said that the hostel has been hosting 240 eighth grade students for a month, and during the summer, when the student was not there, the hostel hosts should be athletes and sports teams.

"Each facility within the Memorial Center will name the name of one of the Croatian cities. Thanks to Zagreb and the citizens of Zagreb who are 1991. They were on the Vukovar and other Croatian battles, and they still help Vukovar today, "said Shanghai.

Hostel "Zagreb" consists of two buildings - hostels and restaurants, and on 11 floors offers 132 modernly equipped and decorated accommodation units.