UNHCR Representative for Serbia Hans Friedrich Schodder said on Friday that about $ 100 million of assistance, which was requested by donors for Balkan countries on a migrant route, a quarter of that money should be allocated to Serbia in order to build temporary accommodation capacities and ensure help during the winter months.

Schodder announced for Serbia's Radio-Television (RTS) an additional help to the government in Belgrade for refugee disposal. "40.000 covers, 20.000 jackets and winter clothing are provided, and this will continue. The main goal is to strengthen the facilities, prepare the furniture and provide heating, "said Schodder, stressing that refugees will stay in Serbia longer during the winter because their departure to EU countries will depend on weather.

"We need to be aware of the possibility of closing the borders. We want to help Serbia not to endanger any of the refugees, "said UNHCR, pointing out that the announced capacity for accommodating 3.000 people is insufficient and that larger capacity is needed.

He says the UNHCR is talking to the government that state-owned facilities are being prepared to accommodate refugees.

Serbia has announced this week to the European Union to prepare 3.000 additional places for temporary refugee accommodation, in addition to the commitments already made for 3.000 accommodation facilities.

"Most of these accommodation facilities would be temporary," Schodder said.

Otherwise, the European Commission envisages that by the end of next year, another three million migrants may come to EU member states, although the capacity for receiving them is already on a big test.

In Serbia, across Macedonia and Greece, the last 24 hour entered the 1.000 refugee, which is five times less than usual, and the reason for this was the strike by Greek sailors for which the ferries did not work, so a new wave would be expected later today or at the beginning of the weekend.

The reception center in Preševo, south of Serbia, is almost empty this morning, and only about a hundred refugees arrived in the Miratovačko field, according to Radio-Television Serbia.