ORaH President Mirela Holy said on Friday that all parties steal their ideas by presenting them as their own, and stressed that Croatia needs the necessary reforms of the judiciary, public administration and territorial organization as a prerequisite for other reforms, and their implementation emphasized the bit will require that party to support a potential minority government.

In Zagreb, Cvjetni Square, with the members of the party and the candidates on the list, lit a symbiotic love of peace to emphasize the party's commitment to complete liberalization and legalization of hemp, and he was also fond of potatoes to warn of such bad judgments.

The journalists were curious that if they entered the Parliament, they would behave if their vote depended on the composition of the new government, and Holy expressed dissatisfaction with the media that, as he said, ORs are "only present in relation to the SDP" from the beginning.

"We have shown by our actions that we are miles, not to say light years, in front of the SDP and all other parties in Croatia. We are the only program party. All of us copy, steal, beheaded, absorb our ideas and say they are theirs, "she said.

She reiterated that the coalition with the SDP "does not come to light". "The only way we can sit with the left option for the table is only if the new elections are to depend on us," he said, pointing out that in this case, there would have to be agreement and only program cooperation.

"Key reforms must be implemented. And we do not plan to enter into any coalition, but if a program agreement is reached, support the Minority Government in the Parliament, "she said.

Key reforms of the Holy Office emphasize thorough reform of the judiciary, public administration and territorial organization. These reforms, he says, can get the instrument to implement all other necessary reforms.

The necessity of judicial reform was pointed out by potato kayaking since, as he said, in Croatia many politicians were punished, but not finished in prison, but they were just killing potatoes.

Flowing with symbolic flowers, Holy warned members of the party about the two-year unsuccessful struggle of ORaH to liberalize and legalize hemp. "Unfortunately, it is still allowed to cultivate only for nutritional purposes, that is, the use of seeds, and the whole plant can not be used," he explains.

Lakrdie called the Ordinance on the use of hemp for medical purposes by saying that he "met the pharmaceutical lobbies". "Marijuana is not legalized for medical purposes, and citizens who need it to cope with the disease can not grow hay," she added, and said she would continue to advocate for legalization and liberalization of hemp.