Following the scandal over Volkswagen's laziness of eco-test results, the European Commission is considering introducing central control over national vehicle approval systems, the European media reports.

Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said on Thursday for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the Commission wants to monitor the national authorities approving new vehicles before they leave the market.

"They have set up vehicle approval systems in the Member States. We intend to control and verify whether the national authorities are doing the right thing, "she said, reports the EUobserver.

She also pointed out that member states should exchange the test results of each vehicle.

Since the approval of a national authorization agency is valid in all 28 member states, car manufacturers may choose the lowest-ranking agency. No national agency has found that Volkswagen manipulates the results of the vehicle exhaust tests.

"We have 28 European Certification Agencies. They compete with each other. We have more than 50 testing labs. They compete with each other. And no one controls them, "said recently Axel Friedrich, a testing engine for exhaust gases. "We bring laws, but we do not do them," he added.

The details of the EC plan will be released next month, but was welcomed by the NGO "Transport & Environment", which has criticized the current vehicle emission testing system.

"There is a lot of evidence for systematic manipulation of the tests, and that the national authorities for the approval of vehicles have come to terms with their work. The system is inappropriate and we are delighted that the Commission agrees that a major reform is needed, "the organization said.

The Commission's plan will need to be approved by the Member States and the European Parliament.