The European Commission has approved 10,2 million of emergency aid to Slovenia to face a refugee crisis, European Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos confirmed on Friday, and the Slovenian government estimates that the refugees next year will cost as much as 123 million euros.

More than a million euros have been approved from the joint European Integration, Migration and Asylum Policy Fund and the rest from the Internal Security Fund, so that Slovenia could better manage the large inflow of Balkan refugees into the benefit of all the states on that route is in Brussels Avramopoulos.
The funds will, among other things, be used to open new reception capacities and improve the conditions for the accommodation of refugees in those who are already operating.
These are additional funds, not regular financing from Asylum and In-house Funds, within which Slovenia is for the 2014-2020 period. available around 60 million of aid.

Slovenia has recently asked the EU for additional financial assistance of € 60 million for the next six months to face a refugee wave in which nearly 160.000 migrants have been through the country since mid-last month and expect support from police forces in the Schengen area equip it to face refugee influx and control it better.

Finance Minister Dusan Mramor said this week that on average government inflows from 8 to 9 thousands of migrants to Slovenia, as of now, next year would be a total of 123 million euros, which will cause the budget deficit next year to be higher than predicted.