The State Election Commission (DIP) announced on Friday that there is no decision by which HRT in any way bans the scheduled electoral confrontation, but only the opinion of the SEC that it does not comply with the electoral rules according to which all electoral participants must under the same and clear criteria, to allow election campaigning on national television.

This is what the DIP has made clear on HRT statements that are on Thursday canceled for Friday announced are optionalstating the reason for the position of the SEC, which they consider to be a question of independent editorial decisions and independence of the public service.

DIP points out that decided to warn the HRT that its interpretation of the Program Electoral Rule Rules in so far as arbitration criteria are determined by the parties involved can influence the creation of public opinion by presenting only individual and elected participants, which is not in accordance with the electoral principles.

Also in the SEC, the opinion expressed in order to protect the rights of electoral constituencies within its competencies does not call into question the independence of the editorial decisions or the independence of the HRT public service, as interpreted by HRT.

"HRT, as an impartial public service whose legal role to promote pluralism of opinions and attitudes, should fulfill its role in electoral campaign by applying clear, unambiguous and objective criteria of equal to all electoral constituencies, and this is what the State Election Commission points out in their opinion, "the DIP points out.

The Ethics Committee has announced that the sudden cancellation of a predecessor confrontation of political party representatives on HRT scheduled for Friday is not only a violation of the Electoral Code of Ethics and the Rule on Treatment of Electronic Media with National Concession during Election Advertising but also damages the democratic electoral process.

As a reason for the cancellation of the television debate, HRT has stated the statement of the DIP, stating that HRT's 'interpretation of the criteria for selecting the participants is too arbitrary' and thus 'influencing the creation of public opinion in favor of some election participants'.

Croatian Radio and Television respects this decision of the State Electoral Commission, but believes that it has questioned the independence of editorial decisions and the law and the rules of guaranteed public service independence, according to HRT.

Political parties who were not invited to face the HRT, decided on Friday evening at the Croatian Journalists' House and held their own confrontation. (Hina)