About 56 a percentage of Montenegrin citizens would opt for a referendum for NATO membership, while 44 would be against the entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, according to the latest Ipsos Strategic Marketing agency survey.

The study was conducted in the period of 8. to 16. October on a sample of 1.015 adult Montenegrin citizens, and as the Submarine Winner reports that a referendum was held in that period, the 75 percent of Montenegrin citizens of Montenegro would be cast on the polls.
"Of all the targeting citizens who would go to the referendum, and in these three quarters, 56 percent would vote for joining NATO, and 44 percent would vote against. Every fourth citizen of Montenegro is either undocumented about joining NATO or has an explicit negative attitude on referendum issues, "said Podgorica daily Marko Uljarević from Ipsos.
There was also a small curiosity. According to Uljarević, at the eventual referendum on joining the Alliance, more Montenegrin citizens would vote at this time than to respond to parliamentary elections.
"A little less than two-thirds of Montenegro's citizens would vote in parliamentary elections."
Ipsos research has shown that the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic grows and it has 45 support of citizens, which is three percent more than the two-month survey.

For the Opposition Alliance Democratic Front (DF), which protested last month, only eight per cent of citizens, Demos 13, URA and Socialist People's Party Seven, Democratic Black Mountains six, Social Democratic Party four and Bosniak Party three percent . (Hina)