About 5000 people protested on Saturday in Berlin against a government's open immigration policy, police said.

The Berlin police were in a high level of readiness from the 1100 policemen who maintained the peace between the anti-immigrant protesters and three anti-immigrant protesters who gathered the 800 people.

The protest was organized by the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) under the slogan "Asylum should be restricted - a red card for Merkel".

Vice-President AfD Alexander Gauland and European Parliament Representative Beatrix von Storch invited voters to attend the 2017 elections. derailed Merkel from power.

On the transparencies, among other things, "Save Germany. We stop Merkel, "and one protestor spoke against multiculturalism, saying that Germany was already" stained "enough.

Gauland compared the arrival of immigrants with the barbaric invasion of Europe that led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Around the 20 neonatal was observed among AFD supporters. (Hina)