Even 120 thousands of voters more than four years later passed the parliamentary elections for the Croatian Parliament, data reported by the State Election Commission (DIP) at noon.

In parliamentary elections four years ago, its right to 11,30 hours was exercised by 566.000 voters, even on 685 this Sunday. 837.

Feedback data provided 85 of polling stations where 3, 2 million voters are enrolled. So, that number was voted 21, 5 percent, said DIP Chairman Branko Hrvatin. Four years ago this percentage was 16, 4 percent.
Measured in percentages, out of the ten electoral units in Croatia, the best responds to I. (23,7 percent) and VII. Election Unit (23,5 percent), worst (18 percent) in V Unit.

In absolute numbers precedes VIII. unit where 11, 30 hours were voted by 76. 855 voter, at the back is VI. The one in which 46.000 voters voted.
Among the cities are Varaždin (28,4), Gospić (26, 4) and Karlovac (26, 2 percent) on the front are Slavonski Brod (17, 8) and Vukovar (19, 8).

In 23, 125.000, 24, 3, 32.000, 23,6, 21.000, 23, 2, 19, 800, XNUMX, XNUMX,
About 3, 8 million voters in Croatia and abroad have the right to elect parliamentarians, they can accomplish about seven thousand polling stations.
DIP will declare the following response data in 17 hours.