Outbreaks televised by televisions after closing the poll on Sunday came up with positive reactions from SDP leaders at the party's party headquarters at the Zagreb Culture Factory.

"I'm not surprised, I was expecting a good result, and this is a good result," SDP Vice-President Gordan Maras said, expecting the SDP to have around 60 mandates in Parliament and to be in a much better position than the HDZ be election winners ".

"Those in HDZ who said they would have 20 mandate differences now see they were wrong. This will be a long evening, "Maras said, thanking everyone who went to parliamentary elections.

Asked to comment on the excellent results that MOST issues outgoing polls, Maras said the strong third option was a constant of several previous elections. "Croatian citizens want certain things they have announced and they need to listen. We are, of course, open to cooperation, "he said.

The results of the election polls did not surprise neither the SDP Presidency Arsene Bauk.

"Basically, I was not surprised by the results of the exit polls, they all expected a close match, some expected that we would have less than HDZ in the 10 constituencies, but these polls did not happen, but let's see the results," he said.

Bauk believes in the precision of exit polls. "There is a statistical error, the polls on the presidents have gone a little bit to our detriment," Bauk says, claiming to be their 2007. she went in for the benefit - "since then, obviously, they have perfected a little."

Neither Bauka's success of MOST is surprising. "All trends suggest that voters turn to this third option, as it was in the presidential election, and the moment they cross the 10, they have very little lost voices in our electoral system, so this has been converted into the 18 mandate this time more or less expected, "Bauk explains.