Just a few hours after the results of the polls were published in the parliamentary elections, the SDP offered Dragi Prgomet a prime location, informally from sources close to Dr Prgomet, the candidate of MOSTA Independent Lists and the first on the 1 list. electoral unit.

Recall that, according to the first unofficial results released by the SEC after the 22 hour of the highest mandate at Sunday's parliamentary elections, 63, won the HDZ Domestic Coalition, followed by Croatia being led by SDP with 52 mandates, while Bridge is third with 17 won seats .

In February this year, Drago Prgomet resigned as deputy chairman of the HDZ and withdrew from the party's membership.

During the campaign he talked that MOST in the Parliament would get a two-digit number of mandates.

- Voice for the Bridge is the voice of change, we are the only alternative to the existing, large parties of HDZ and SDP - Prgomet said.

Concerning the cooperation of MOSTA with the SDP or the HDZ, he noted that it would depend on their readiness to reform, primarily the public and local government and self-government, ie more precisely that the number of cities and municipalities should be reduced to one third that there should be seven counties.

Neither Karamarko nor Milanović will be trading with the mandates of MOSTA

He stressed that neither the Tomislav Karamarko nor Zoran Milanovic will be traded with the mandates that MOST will win in elections, stressing that neither HDZ nor SDP have a monopoly over the future of Croatia.

- Neither the SDP nor the HDZ have a monopoly over the future of Croatia, and the only monopoly can be Croatian citizens - said Prgomet.

- We are expecting an excellent election result, in the end we have this election and have entered in order to win. Our intentions are clear, the economic program is praised by many independent economic experts, proclaiming it one of the best in this election campaign, the citizens will support us with their voices and will show how much we can do for the people who are expecting change - said Drago Prgomet.

At a television debate during the election campaign, he repeated some of the key positions of the MOF, and stated that there was no room for VAT reduction, and the German IFO institute recommended not to do so, and instead increase the non-taxable portion of the salary.

He estimated that the first necessary reform of public administration and territorial organization was a prerequisite for economic recovery. Depoliticization of public administration is needed and all officials are to be elected on a public tender, where only the prime minister and the ministers would be officials.

Prgomet is opposed to abortion abortion, and added that women need to say that abortion is not contraceptive.