President of the People's Party - Reformists Radimir Čačić said on Sunday he expects two seats in the Croatian Parliament in the constituencies in northern Croatia.

"The surveys clearly show that citizens are indignant at the situation in which Croatia finds, and this results in the dismissal of the left and right political parties. The voices focused on the Bridge, no matter what the Bridge does have a party organization, "Čačić said.
There were also regional parties outside the ideological poles, such as IDS and HDSSB, but with a reduced percentage.

We are not a regional party but we are on a national basis, but our party base is in the north, Čačić said. He estimated that it is obvious that little outside the big party blocks, except for the Bridge, will be present in the Parliament.

Around the 22 hour, his coalition partner Ivo Josipovic should come to the Electoral Staff of the Reformist to jointly comment on the State Election Commission's report.