HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko announced the HDZ's victory last night, saying "they are open to co-operation with everyone, regardless of party differences, because there is a supranational country called Croatia" and he sent a special congratulations to the Bridge, who, as he said, "Achieved an enviable result".

"I have to say that we won our dear friends in the parliamentary elections and this victory is the point of all our victories in the last 3,5 years. This victory brings us to the position of responsibility for keeping our country in a difficult state, "Karamarko said in his address to the full Gastro Globus hall where HDZ's election casting was located.

Two thirds of citizens, he pointed out, decided to change. "It is absurd that those who are citizens voted for a new mandate. I did not know that 53 is more than 61, and I'm telling you that this difference will increase until the end of counting votes, "Karamarko said.

He recalled that before the election he said he would win and invite all those who want to change the situation in Croatia. "We already have our 2,5 years ready for our program, and whoever is ready to fight with us for quality of life in Croatia is welcome and it has nothing to do with the coalition with good will and love and love for the homeland", he called Krarmark.

The HDZ, he reminded, has increased the number of fugitives compared to the last elections.

"The struggle for quality of life is ahead of us, and I like to say that today we have to fight for the changes that will reduce the state, but also those that will cause every young man to stay in Croatia. We will fight for every job, every unprocessed field and any young man who is thinking of leaving Croatia. We will not let it disappear slowly as a people because our defenders, Dr. Tuđman, and our children deserved to create a better quality state, "said HDZ President Karamarko.

He thanked all those who, say, contributed to the victory and to the coalition partners with whom, according to them, they linked love to Croatia.

"The HDZ, reformed before the 3,5 of the year, has placed the future of the youth as a priority task and task, and that is why we are indeed open to cooperation with everyone, regardless of party differences, because there is a supranational called Croatia," Karamarko said.

He congratulated the "Mrs. of the Bridge who achieved a truly enviable result". "The dossiers are valuable congratulations and your applause," Karamarko said.

It will be seen, he says, when the DIP counts the differences that the difference in the voice of the HDZ will be even greater.

"You look forward to winning. No numbers, inversions, twists do make any sense, let's all work for Croatia. The party that has received the highest number of votes must lead this fight, "Karamarko said, accompanied by burning ovations of approval with the cry of" Victory! Croatia!".

After the address of the HDZ president, a pie with party colors and the inscription "For strong Croatia" was cropped and champagne championed.