ORaH will not be in the next session of the Parliament, and Croatia has not chosen a change, the chairman of the party Mirela Holy said Sunday after the announcement of the SEC's unofficial incomplete election results, for which they did not win any parliamentary mandate and announced their withdrawal from office of party president.

Croatia has chosen to stay what it was, and I do not see a very optimistic picture of the next convocation of the Parliament, she told Holy Journalists at the party headquarters.

Although her statement was interrupted by the applause of party members and supporters, due to poor election results, Holy announced her withdrawal from the ORaH headquarters, which, she said, as a long-term project goes on.

I suppose that up to the New Year's EAS will have a new leadership, she told reporters in the election night.

Commenting on the electoral results of the ORa, she said it was not surprising they did not enter the Sabor because, as she said, "they are already exposed to a very negative campaign in the media by large parties for a year and a half".

He thanked all the voters who supported them, saying that they are "seeds of hope for Croatia".

Holy pointed out that the party of ORA represents a long-term project that goes further.

"We advocate for sustainable development, and it is not possible overnight. Citizens chose to choose, we will honor their decision, but we will continue to work on promoting our ideas. Since all of us are in the elections, it is still some progress, "said Holy, alluding to the fact that some of the parties were plagued by their programming ideas, such as public administration reform.