Vice President of the Living Wall Ivan Vilibor Sincic said on Monday that the Most Sistem Party, which in the coalition, with either HDZ or SDP, would not be able to bring about changes in Croatia.

"The bridge is a system party. He in a coalition with one of these two parties will not be able to bring about changes in Croatia, "Sincic said after the DIP announcement of the results at midnight according to which the Living Wall won one mandate.

Nevertheless, he congratulated the Bridge on "the success with the media space he got and the money he invested."

He did not want to speculate on who the Bridge could fit. "Someone wants to. I am sorry that President Bozo Petrov has crossed over what he signed - a statement that he will not adhere to either the SDP or the HDZ. That goes to conscience, "he said.

It is not possible, he says, to make changes if the parties of the system agree with each other. "Only the replacement of the system can help Croatia, and not the replacement of parties," said Sincic.

He added that after the election, he will see who really loves Croatia and who is a patriot. "We will ask for a currency clause to be abolished and all overpayments will be returned, and we will see whether the other parties will prefer the 'Swiss' or the euro," he said.

He thinks that they have won only one mandate is not their fault. "We did everything that was in our power. It's not about us in something else, we'll just see it, "he said.

Sincic announced that he would not be a parliamentary but a national representative, and that he would work as before - not only in Parliament, but also in the field. He will go, he says, with evictions with parliamentary immunity, so he expects no eviction will come because the police can not handle the person with immunity.

He pointed out that no party so far, as far as he knew, did not call it. "And I would not even answer. We have nothing to talk about, "he said.